Beyond The Fire follows the stories of Australia’s unsung heroes as they band together to create life from ashes after the Australian Black Summer Bushfire Crisis. Set against the stunning backdrop of Gippsland, Australia each episode journeys through fire affected locations, connecting with local heroes to share courageous stories of overcoming heat, wind & flame.
We hear stories of survival, tragedy and the hope that springs from grassroots community support.
We meet Australians from all walks of life as they extend hands of generosity, share stories of resilience, initiative and highlight way-makers as they rebuild their world. The very essence of the Aussie spirit is alive and well as we celebrate new shoots of life and opportunities that arise from adversity.
Locals, family members, experts in the field, community leaders & emergency services share a multi-faceted view of the devastation & opinions on how to move forward whilst fighting against the rapid decline of mental health.