David Jeremiah

David Jeremiah

[CC] Join us for the weekly church service conducted by David Jeremiah from San Diego, California, USA. Dedicated to providing sound, in-depth teaching of the Word of God verse by verse. Through his personable and expository teaching, pastor Dr David Jeremiah challenges viewers to take hold of the truths of God's Word for themselves and to apply it to the daily circumstances in their own life, by presenting God's truth in clear and practical applications.

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David Jeremiah
  • 01. God is in Control!

    [CC] Expires 31/01/2025
    Our Heavenly Father is the sovereign God of the
    universe. In this message Dr. Jeremiah shares what
    our response to God’s sovereignty should be.

  • 03. God will Give You Peace!

    [CC] Expires 31/01/2025
    In a world where peace is elusive, God promises to
    give us peace – through His spirit, through His Son,
    through His Word, and through prayer.

  • 02. God Hears Your Prayers!

    [CC] Expires 31/01/2025
    Prayer is an essential part of the Christian life, yet it
    is easy for us to neglect it. In this message be
    encouraged to persevere in prayer and be reminded
    of prayer’s power.

  • 05. The Promise

    [CC] Expires 31/01/2025
    God’s power, conveyed through His promises,
    provides all that we need to live a godly life. As we
    tap into His power, we become more like Him.

  • 04. Everything You Need Interview with Dr. David Jeremiah

    [CC] Expires 31/01/2025
    In this special interview, Dr. Jeremiah and Sheila
    Walsh discuss the eight essential steps we find in 2
    Peter that help us to live a life confident in God’s