New series, movies, documentaries and more headed to GOOD over the coming weeks.

  • Sgt. Stubby: An Unlikely Hero - Coming Soon

    The true story of the most decorated dog in American military history - Sergeant Stubby - and the enduring bonds he forged with his brothers-in-arms in the trenches of World War I.
    With the war to end all wars looming, a young army 'doughboy' Robert Conroy has his life forever changed when a lit...

  • Hillary: Ocean to Sky - Coming Soon

    In 1977 Ed and his companions, which included son Peter Hillary, embarked on what would be Ed’s last major expedition. The extraordinary journey included tigers, sinking boats and fans queuing for miles to get a glimpse of the great man. The expedition set off shortly after the tragic plane crash...

  • An Interview With God - Coming Soon

    Upon returning home from the war in Afghanistan, Paul struggles to deal with the after-effects of his experiences, a failing marriage, and his dying faith. Not knowing where to turn, Paul dives deeply into the story of a lifetime: an interview with a mysterious man claiming to be God.
    What does a...

  • Gamemaster - Coming Soon

    A deep dive into the world of the thriving board game industry, this fascinating and entertaining documentary follows the trials and tribulations of the designers and creators behind popular games. Conversations with industry leaders shine a light on the phenomenon of board gaming.

  • Just Jake - Coming Soon

    An emerging country star returns to his hometown to overcome his serious writers's block, and reunites with his high school sweetheart.Together they rediscover love and learn that the best music is the music you make together.

  • The Pinkies are Back - Coming Soon

    Annemarie is the captain of a dragon boat team that has 17 new people who are super keen to compete in this season’s regional competition. There is one problem, some of them have never set foot in a boat and she and her coach, Sooupu, have 6 months to get every one race ready.

    These unsuspectin...

  • Noble - Coming Soon

    Vietnam. 1989. Fourteen years after the end of the war.
    When Irish woman Christina Noble flies into Ho Chi Minh City formerly Saigon, she leaves behind an extraordinary life story.
    But the best is yet to come. Christina lands in a country that she wouldnt be able to show you on a map. With a fe...