Music clips and programs, short form movies and series to inspire, uplift and encourage.

  • Living a Better Story: with Terrence and Emma Mullings

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    Join dynamic duo Terrence and Emma Mullings as they discuss how to live the best life you can.

  • Everytown Downunder

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    [CC] Everytown Downunder is the mission trip of a lifetime!
    Travelling through the Aussie outback to coastal towns and Australia's biggest cities, Everytown Downunder has everything you'd expect from a trip around Australia - the outback, crocodiles, unique Aussie characters, Sydney Harbour and ...

  • Songs of Praise

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    Join us for a musical celebration of life and faith as 'Songs of Praise' travels throughout the British Isles and the world presenting soul stirring hymns and touching stories of inspiration.

  • Mini Masterstroke with Neale Schofield

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    A mini documentary series investigating some of the most famous and interesting religious art in history. Each program explores the stories behind both the paintings and the artists.

  • yesHEis
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  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

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    Master Neuro Strategist Simone Leslie specialises in Breakthrough & Success. Many people attempt change through positive thinking & affirmations, (this is conscious mind). They then fall back in to old habits, (subconscious neural programs). Learn to deal with the root cause in your neural pro...

  • 40 Stories

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    Australia is home to over 200 Indigenous tribes and language groups, many Indigenous Australian Christians have amazing life stories that show how their Christian faith has positively impacted their lives and helped them overcome significant obstacles and disadvantage.
    The 40 stories project was...

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    FRESH is a Daily Devotional taking you deeper into God's Word and closer to Jesus.

  • Revolution TV

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    The Revolution TV features bands sharing powerful backstories of tragedy, triumph and the radical impact of a Saviour's love in their lives. Showcases alternative Christian music videos and Christian artists and athletes sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through in-depth interviews. The revo...

  • A Moment to Think with Dr Robi

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    Clinical Psychologist and trauma specialist Dr Robi Sonderegger presents a few moments of clarity and thoughtfulness in these stressful and trying times.

  • Brave to Go

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    Brave To Go with Danni Synot aims to encourage people to be 'Brave Enough' to face the challenges of everyday Life. To emerge stronger by being real and doing life together.

  • My Story, His Glory

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    My Story His Glory is a music project that’s helping a faith community in Queensland share their journeys. Featured are original worship songs along with rich personal stories and reflections.

  • Real Questions

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    Questions of Faith answered in 3 minutes. Real responses to real questions around the topics of God and Jesus, The Bible, Religion and Christianity, Life and Death, Right and Wrong, Miracles and Faith, Hard Questions about God and Us, Understanding the Gospel and Becoming a Christian.

  • God Rocks! Playlist

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    [CC] Join kid-hosts Myles and Stella for a fun, non-stop musical playlist of hit songs about Faith and Trust!
    Bible-based songs and scripture songs make up this God Rocks Playlist, an MTV style music program targeting kids 5-12. The series features high quality, original songs from the award-win...

  • Mental Wealth

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    World renowned Clinical Psychologist Dr Robi Sonderegger shares key points to achieving Mental Wealth.

  • The Bible Project

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    The Bible is a beautifully designed, unified narrative that leads to Jesus. The Bible Project is a series of animated videos that show the beauty of scripture through teaching its unified design, its overarching thematic elements, each book's literary structure, its ancient context and its moder...

  • Christmas wth The Chosen: The Messengers

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    [CC] The Chosen has created a special episode about the birth of Christ through the eyes of Mary and Joseph. Also performing is an extraordinary lineup of musicians perform both new and classic Christmas songs from the set of The Chosen, including: Phil Wickham, For King & Country, Brandon Lake, ...