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Be That

3 Seasons

Be That shares the real stories of those who have journeyed through bondage to freedom and can now inspire others. Topics are discussed with host Simone Leslie, Clinical Psychologists and guests who speak from their own experience.

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Be That
  • 01. Can You See Me?

    Episode 1

    [CC] Available for over a year
    In a world that has become increasingly accessible, visible and interconnected through platforms like the internet and social media, our daily lives are now saturated with a limitless capacity to connect and put ourselves and our lives on display.
    We all have this ...

  • 02. Conquering The B.S

    Episode 2

    [CC] Available for over a year
    Today’s conversation explores "Conquering the Bogus Story". Discover that we all have our own version of a Bogus Story, to identify the ways it can impact our lives and explore how we can challenge it!

  • 03. Heart To Heart Relationships

    Episode 3

    [CC] Available for over a year
    This episode explores a topic that many would agree is the foundation of family life and very often the reason people decide to have children. The bond between a parent and child draws powerfully from the very core of who we are as individuals - sometimes stretchin...

  • 05. Healthy Emotions

    Episode 4

    [CC] Available for over a year
    In this episode, the Be That crew are hoping to shed some light on an issue that affects everyone in some way or at some point in their lives – mental health. Society has come a long way in normalising and embracing it as a genuine health issue but there still exis...

  • 06. I Am the Provider

    Episode 5

    [CC] Available for over a year
    What does it mean to be ‘The Provider’ in the context of family? What comes to mind? Every family functions differently and the answer will depend on individuals own experience. Whatever it might be, has fulfilling this role ever just been about who goes to work, h...

  • 07. Rite of Passage

    Episode 6

    [CC] Available for over a year
    There's a saying ‘Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional’. The transition from childhood to adulthood is inevitable. Cultures all over the
    world signify this coming of age with rituals and rites of passage - requiring a special feat or test be overcome, sy...

  • 08. Setting the Tone

    Episode 7

    [CC] Available for over a year
    There are days we’d rather forget. We start off intending to be the best version of ourselves, only to find we’re behaving less and less like we’d hoped. Before we know it, we're yelling at the kids, complaining about a co-worker and arguing with our spouse…Sound f...

  • 09. Getting the Balance Right

    Episode 8

    [CC] Available for over a year
    Busy parents juggling marriage, children and work are offered plenty of advice about finding & perfecting balance, but actually achieving it within family life can seem an impossible task.
    Too often, it becomes about getting it all done rather than focussing on wha...

  • 10. New Normal

    Episode 9

    [CC] Available for over a year
    This episode discusses a subject that is easier said than done: Change. The Be That team will dig a little deeper and uncover how to prepare for and respond to the types of change that are life-altering - those unexpected events and difficult times that might inter...

  • 11. The Value of Time and Space

    Episode 10

    [CC] Available for over a year
    With divorce rates higher than ever, it’s apparent that people’s expectations for their relationships aren’t always being met. Studies have shown that one of the core needs people have is close connection with another and the loss of this in relationships is a prim...

  • 12. Communicating Love in a Marriage

    Episode 11

    [CC] Available for over a year
    What happens when the loving feelings and infatuation that first unites two people, begins to fade? Things just aren't the same as they used to be.
    This episode points a lens at the importance of seeing love as something you learn and not just feel; that it’s a cho...

  • 13. Finding Real Freedom

    Episode 12

    [CC] Available for over a year
    Join with Jo Bouris, the host of Be That as she looks back on the first twelve episodes of Be That.
    Through season one we’ve had the honor to open up some incredible conversations on our program with our guests. What a privilege it’s been hearing their stories from...