Travel the world visiting far flung communities and those inspiring people who live and work there.

  • I See You: Together Restoring Hope

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    [CC] This ACCTV documentary series follows the work of CBM (Christian Blind Mission) in Nepal. I See You introduces Lyn Wake, a passionate supporter and CBM ambassador as she travels to the remote southeastern corner of Nepal, far off the beaten Himalayan tourist track. Meet the Doctors, staff, p...

  • Serious Fun Video Magazine

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    In the hazy after glow of their 3 previous documentaries, the team from Snowboarders for Christ USA coerced their way through to their next project, a video magazine. This newest adventure takes them all the way from the east coast of the United States through to the west, hitting all the snow p...

  • The White Cathedral

    Available for over a year
    This is the 9th film release from the boys at Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ. This short film documents a cat-skiing trip in Canada (planned a year in advance) for what would turn out to be the driest Canadian season on record. When you turn up for a cat-skiing trip ...

  • Israel - A Walk in the Word

    [CC] Available for over a year
    A Walk in the Word takes us on a 10 day journey through the beautiful land of Israel. Jump on board with tour guide and host, Shirley Carpenter who leads us to the places that Jesus grew up, was baptised, taught, chose His disciples and lived.
    At each location Shir...

  • Travelling Light

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    [CC] From beloved award-winning author Max Lucado comes Travelling Light, refreshing words wrapped around the biblical passages of the 23rd Psalm to reenergise weary spiritual travellers. In his inimitable, pastoral style that both soothes and exhorts, Lucado gently unpacks the verses of the psal...

  • The Amazon Adventure

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    [CC] Meet two brothers Jared and Josh. Jared likes to cross rivers, climb mountains and sleep under the stars. Josh, erm...likes to not do those things. Somehow Jared manages to convince Josh to join him on a trip to South America following some missionaries down the largest river in the world, T...

  • Holy Rollin'

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    [CC] Nick and Yvette Wynne take on the gruelling journey of riding around Australia on their matching 1200 Ducati motorbikes.
    Get a feel for the rugged sunburnt countryside and the people of the outback as these two motorcycle missionaries traverse 20 000 km in 3 months over 12 episodes.

  • For the Lost

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    [CC] For the Lost is a unique documentary series that follows one of a kind missionary band 'No Longer Music' on their tour through much of Europe and the Middle east.
    No Longer Music utilises music, art, and theatre to portray a modern day Jesus story to global youth culture located outside the ...

  • Behind the Sash

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    [CC] Behind the Sash is a reality show with a difference. In each episode, travel to a unique location, shine a light on an issue of injustice and discover an extraordinary woman taking a stand. By the end of the series we will have hand picked 8 powerhouse women to run for Mrs Australia, but thi...

  • Jeni: Seeking the Extraordinary

    4 seasons

    Jeni: Seeking the Extraordinary is a reality TV series that documents the journey of two young women as they visit different places of interest in the USA. Jeni places an emphasis on meeting and talking to women that have risen from ordinary circumstances to do some extraordinary things.

  • The Good Road

    2 seasons

    [CC] The Good Road offers a compelling look at the messy and complicated business of global charity. Hosts Earl Bridges and Craig Martin - longtime philanthropy veterans, globe-trotters, and best friends - set off around the world to places where people are doing good.

  • Canada Out of Doors

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    [CC] Canada Out of Doors highlights the adventures of Northern Ontario tourism outfitter and seaplane pilot Joel Theriault from Air Ivanhoe. Joel has been guiding fishermen since the age of 6, hunters since the age of 16. Watch Joel and his friends tackle exciting work projects at remote outpost ...

  • You Had Me at Aloha

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    [CC] After seeing cute, producer Paige banter with host applicant Ben during a job interview, the TV network makes them co-hosts for a travelogue for Oahu. But can they work together? Paige and Ben clash over their ideas for production but realise they must grapple with the fact that not only do...

  • Camino de Santiago Faith Walk

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    [CC] Camino De Santiago Faith Walk with Kristin and Peter is a new documentary that follows husband and wife Kristin Dickerson and Peter Fleisher as they embark on Spain's ancient 500-mile pilgrimage to the remains of Saint James, apostle of Jesus. Over the course of six weeks, challenges from th...